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Susie The Duck Park & Creek-Side Walkway

196 S. Main Street ~ 608-592-7474

Residents and visitors have been feeding and enjoying Susie and her descendents since 1948. Every year “Susie” nests in the masonry basket along the walk-way. Don't miss stopping to feed Susie and her next generation! Susie is so popular she now has her own annual celebration in August.

The Legend of Susie the Duck

In 1948 a country mallard made Lodi her home. She settled in the downtown area and laid her eggs in a large masonary basket full of flowers. When her eggs hatched, she drew quite a bit of attention as locals and visitors came to observe her brood.

Lodi’s then police chief and his granddaughter also came to see the small fuzzy baby ducklings and their mother. The chief asked his granddaughter what she thought the mother duck’s name should be? She replied “Susie”.

Susie has faithfully returned to her flower basket for years, raising many ducklings and much media attention.

Through the years, many “Susies” have nested in the flower basket. Each year Lodi hosts an annual “Susie the Duck Day” celebrating the famous fowl who nests in the heart of Lodi.